How to register with Pasargad Oil Company Suppliers System

Applicant companies, if they wish to cooperate, must register and complete the information requested by the Pasargad Oil Suppliers Registrar, after studying Call No. 2 and, as stated in the Call, as required.

Pasargad Oil Company Suppliers Register

Frequency Letter No. 2

It should be noted:

To facilitate the registration and to prevent parallelism from completing this process, it is essential that the respected suppliers prepare the following image file before proceeding with registration, and then upload the appropriate registration.

1 image Company-created ad with the latest changes

1 Image of acknowledgments and acknowledgments received

1Images Work permit, agency letter, certificates and ...

1 image Certificate of registration in the list of suppliers of other organizations

§ Resume and job descriptions of past years

§ Other evidence that is effective in evaluating

§ Completed and signed commitment form identifying and qualifying suppliers of goods and services

Identification and quality assessment form of suppliers of goods and services

It should be noted that the process of evaluation and registration of documents will take one month from the time of registration in the system (if the documents are incomplete and in accordance with the procedure mentioned). If you need further information, contact Pasargad Oil Company Support at 23036318 or 23036321.

Obviously, after verification of the documents and if approved, the name of the applicant company will be included in the list of suppliers of approved goods and services by Pasargad Oil Company.