1. Selecting the brokerage firm by the customer (companies with business cards for exporting goods purchased from the country's customs) and obtaining the stock purchase code

2. Submit a written purchase request to the brokerage firm

3. Announcement of prepaid amount by the broker and presentation to the customer

4. Deposit money into the account of Pasargad Oil Company or brokerage firm

5. Trading in the Stock Exchange by the buyer broker

6. Providing Purchase Documents by Buyer Broker to Seller Broker

7. Delivery of purchase documents (registration of goods order) by seller broker to Pasargad Oil Export Unit

8. Deposit, upon customer's request, to issue a remittance, as follows:

8-1 Depositing Money Order Equal to the Rial of the Transaction Value, together with a Letter of Request

8-2. Depositing 9% of the remittance value as a value added tax in cash (refunds are possible through tax administration).

9. Export Issuance by Export Unit

10. Loading from the relevant factory, by the shipping contractor, introduced by the customer


The customer is at the center of all POC concepts, as the promotion and existence of POC is completely linked to the customer’s satisfaction.
In 2013 Pasargad’s Customer Relationship department has been established to cover the improvement and customers satisfaction level and supplying them perfectly, with sustained negotiation and communication. POC welcome all suggestions, comments about the services which customers have experienced during their purchasing process. The main responsibility of this department is to know the customer’s needs and solve their issues and challenges precisely. All customers can fill the forms out which has attached in the website or contact this department through the contact info which has mentioned below:
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