Customer Service

Looking at the ethical charter of large and successful organizations and corporations, we recognize the importance and value of our customers, providing distinct values ​​and commitment in serving and solving customer problems. The concerns of leading organizations are how the customer's vision is. Based on customer-oriented vision and philosophy, in many of the world's largest and most successful business organizations and centers, the customer relationship management unit has been created.
Managing customer relationships as a philosophy, a goal, an executive unit, a capability, an advantage, and finally, as technology in organizations, business centers and large companies. Within this unit, organizational units or other defined operational functions such as Customer Complaints Management (CCM) as well as Customer Satisfaction Management (CSM) and Voice of the Customer (VOC), in the success of customer affairs units and customer satisfaction and loyalty Play a significant role. In general, a customer orientation is to place the customer as the focus and purpose and focus of attention and accomplish any action that fulfills its obvious and hidden needs.