About Us

Pasargad Oil Company was established in 2003 with the aim of operating and operating six bitumen refineries in Tehran, Arak Shazand, Abadan, Tabriz, Shiraz and Bandar-Abbas refineries with annual production capacity of over 4 million tons per year. Due to the existing technical and economic advantages, the company currently holds more than half of its domestic market share. It also owns a large share of Iran's bitumen export market with two export terminals and storage capacity of over 160,000 tons.
The geographical and strategic distribution of the six factories has made it possible to export the company's products across the country.

Mission :

Pasargad Oil Company seeks to contribute to boosting living standards through participation in the development of roads and supplying industrial need for bitumen products. To that effect, POC assumes all its responsibilities under the aegis of its committed, qualified, motivated, dynamic and innovative staff. Due to its customer-oriented nature, POC respects all rights of its stakeholders and all people involved in the production, transportation and consumption chain.


Pasargad Oil Company will be in the top 10 in the world supply and trade of bitumen products in the next 10 years with the acquisition of cutting-edge technology, specialized and committed personnel and environmental protection.

  • Tabriz Plant
  • Tehran Plant
  • Shiraz Plant
  • Arak Plant
  • Abadan Plant
  • Bandar abbas Plant
  • Mahshahr Plant
  •  Tel: 04114212897 ،04114212896 ،04114212895 
  •  Fax : 04114212898
  •  Address: POC Bitumen Plant, Tabriz Refinery, Azarshahr, Km 2, Tabriz, Iran
  • Plant Manager: Mr. Alireza Asadnejad
  •  Number of Staff: 92 People
  •  PO Box: 519713111
  •   Tabriz Plant
  •  Tel: 55218582 09821
  •  Fax : 09821-22915360
  •  Address:  POC Bitumen Plant, Tondgouyan Oil Refinery, Tondgouyan Highway, Rajaei
  • plant Manager: Mr. Abolfazl Alavi
  •  Number of Staff: 130 People (Including staff of the research unit)
  •  Tehran Plants
  •  Tel: 07118308776 
  •  Fax : 07118207363
  •  Address: POC Bitumen Plant, Zarqan, Fars Province, Iran
  •  Factory Manager: Mr. Alireza Estedlal
  •  Number of Staff: 81 People
  •  PO Box:  117-73415
  •   Shiraz Plant
  •  Tel: 08624224606 >
  •  Fax : 08613679530
  •  Address: POC Bitumen Plant, Shazand Refinery, Arak, Markazi Province, Iran
  • Plant Manager: Mr. Alireza Farahani
  •  Number of Staff: 81 People
  •  Arak Plant
  •  Tel: 06313333251 
  •  Fax : 344
  •  Address:  POC Bitumen Plant, Abadan Oil Refinery, Abadan, Iran
  • Plant Manager: Mr. Reza Shojaei Arrani
  •  Number of Staff: 62 People
  •  Abadan Plant
  •  Tel: 07615562189 
  •  Fax : 07615562173
  •  Address: POC Bitumen and Barreling Plant, Bandar Abbas Refinery, Bandar Abbas, Iran
  • Plant Manager: Mr. Mohammad Mahdi Nazari
  •  Number of Staff: 112 People
  •  Bandar Abbas Plant
  •  Special line:  4750-4701-2524749-0652
  •  Fax: 2524704-0652
  •  Address: Khuzestan, Bandar Imam Khomeini (RA), Imam Khomeini Port Complex (RA), 93a, 34th berth, Pasargad oil company terminal
  •  Number of Staff: 34 people
  •  Mahshahr Terminals
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