Shiraz Plant

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 Tel: +98 711 830 8776
 Bitumen Unity,shiraz Oil Refinery Co.,shiraz, Iran
Fax: +98 711 820 7363
 Postal Code: 73415117

Manager: Saeid Godarzi
Number of Staff: 81

Bitumen of different grades (60/70, 85/100, 40/50 and MC250), emulsion bitumen, packaged and barreled bitumen
Capacity: 440,000 tons a year

After the bitumen plant was ceded to Pasargad Oil Company in 2004, it moved to boost the quantity and quality of its products in order to further satisfy its clients. To that effect, the plan has raised its production to 8,500 b/d. The bitumen supplied by Shiraz Refinery is among the best in terms of quality. The plant also started producing bitumen emulsion in 2009 and is currently supplying 75 tons a day of cationic emulsion.